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MESF Professional Development Program

Scholarship, Mentorship and Growth Opportunities

The Mary Ellen Strong Foundation invites students interested in providing mental health services to Milwaukee’s Black community to participate in our Professional Development Program. MESF provides scholarship, mentorship, and growth opportunities to support the development of competent mental health clinicians who have a heart toward improving Milwaukee’s Black community.


MESF grants two scholarships to students pursuing their Master’s of Social Work degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee every other year. 2018 will be the next application year. For more information please download the Scholarship application.


Provider’s Forum

The Provider’s Forum is a closed group for mental health professionals. The intention of the group is to have a space for discussions regarding clinical and professional issues as well as an environment to share resources. The group is monitored by licensed mental health professionals from the MESF Advisory Board. The rationale for the group being closed and monitored is to ensure confidentiality and to prevent any possible ethical or legal conflicts. Those interested in participating can complete and submit the information below which will be reviewed prior to group admission. MESF reserves the right to uninvite anyone from the group at any time if participation is not in line with the spirit and intent of the group.

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Be a Mentor

Mentorship is such an important part of career development in any field. MESF would like to connect students and early career professionals with mentors.  You do not need to be in Milwaukee or even Wisconsin to have a mentor or to volunteer to be a mentor. If you are interested in being matched with a mentor or volunteering to be a mentor, please submit your name and email below and someone from MESF will contact you to help facilitate this process. In order to qualify to be a mentor, you must hold a license in some area of mental health.  Additionally, your license must be in good standing without any current or previous disciplinary actions. Retired mental health professionals who may have an inactive license are also welcome to participate.

Workshops & Events

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